Third Time’s a Charm

Our now-annual friends’ reunion with the Kings and the Gambills is kind of fall, all bottled up and condensed into one weekend.  And this year we got the concoction just right.  The weather in central Tennessee was crisp.  The skies were bright and sunny, and the hillsides reflected that sun in brilliant greens, golds, and oranges.  There were chilly mornings with coffee (and good company when kids woke up waaaaay too early).  There was a corn maze and pumpkin painting on the front porch (Henry’s first introduction to glitter = utter delight).  There were baked pears and chairs to curl up in by the fire and vests to keep us warm while we hiked.  It was just right.


(Except maybe too short.)


We all loved seeing our dear friends, but it is possible that Henry was more excited than any of us.  He talked about “our friends in Tennessee” for months after last year’s trip, and when I told him we were going back, well, he could hardly contain his joy.



It was a wild mess of boys-and-a-girl (and now a little Lucy), seven kids five and under!(!!).  I love that these kids are good little friends, in spite of the time and distance between us all.



Jason asked me on the way home what my favorite part of the weekend was, and first on my list was fishing off the dock with Henry.  That seemed just about right.




But I also loved our picnic at the pumpkin patch, and sitting in rocking chairs on the porch drinking apple cider with my girls, and watching “the triplets” sit on the porch swing, and laughing hard after the kids went to bed.  I love these friends, and I feel so, so grateful for them and our long-lasting friendship.

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  1. Amy
    Amy October 27, 2015 at 7:27 pm | | Reply

    I admit I’ve been stalking the blog waiting to reminisce along with your words! Beautiful wrap-up for a beautiful weekend! Love you!!!

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