The Middle of October

Just a couple of thoughts on this Sunday afternoon.


H&L:  My kids are suddenly growing so fast.  This morning I somehow got caught up in reading old entries of this blog.  That seems a little narcissistic, I realize, but having this record of our little family for ourselves is my favorite reason for blogging.  Lucy had her nine month appointment this week, so I was looking back to see how much she had grown since her last one, and I found myself utterly amazed at how much Henry has grown in the past year or so.  Is it possible that just a year ago he was still sleeping in a crib?  He was a round-faced toddler last year, and now, oh.  I am sometimes caught off-guard by how much he is his own person, like I didn’t even know him before, even though I’ve spent nearly every day of his life with him.  His baby-ish, toddlering days are firmly behind us, and every once in a while I feel hopelessly sad about it.  But then oh, the swoop of joy I get watching him dominate the slide at the playground!


And Lucy.  I have been saying for a while now that some real personality is hiding beneath that cheerful, calm, best-baby-in-the-world exterior.  Yesterday, suddenly, she emerged.  There is no more laying quietly while diapers are being changed.  She will no longer be silently tolerating her brother taking balls right out of her hands.  If she sees something she wants, she will, for heaven’s sakes, go after it and put it in her mouth!  And she will tell us exactly how she’s feeling, thank you very much.  Which, thankfully, is usually delighted to see us, thrilled to be playing the maracas in the family band, and most of all beside herself with joy when Henry is around.  She sang to us all the way to church this morning.  That girl.


Capitol Tour:  Missy is homeschooling Carly in Kindergarten this year, and this week’s field trip was to the U.S. Capitol.  One of my favorite coworkers, Emo, took us on a wonderful Capitol tour, geared perfectly for little people.  They all fell in love with her.  (Well, Henry has been in love with Emo for a while now.)  I loved watching the three kids traipse through the halls of Congress after their delightful Pied Piper.  We finished with a gloriously sunny picnic—especially after days of rain.


The Path:  Nine months have gone by, and yet a consistent workout routine continues to elude me.  [Insert that scrunchy, desperate-faced emoji right here.]  We did, however, do a decent run/walk with the BOB to a new playground, which made me happy.  Henry kept encouraging me to catch up with “that girl in blue” or “the purple one up there,” which was almost like having a running partner…???  And this was our view on the way back, so not bad.


SnapShop:  I am taking an online photography class this month—the last SnapShop class with Ashley Ann Photography.  I confess that now is not the ideal time for me to be doing this, since my capacity for remembering anything—anything—is ridiculously low, but still I’m glad I’m doing it.  I already understand my DSLR so much better, and I feel equipped to go forth and practice, practice, practice.


Otherwise it’s fall.  We are getting used to a routine that includes school-year things, like MOPS and BSF.  We made the best ever batch of cashew chicken curry last week when it was pouring rain, and soup is on the menu twice this week.  The leaves outside our window are turning red, and the way they reflect the afternoon autumn sun is the kind of thing poems are written about.  Lucy looks adorable in skinny jeans.  And we are headed back to the Tennessee mountains next weekend.  Not bad for mid-October.

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