Starting out Fresh

It was my goal in November to start blogging consistently…and then again in January…and now it is February, and maybe my goal needs to be to get better at sticking with and actually achieving my goals?!  But in the spirit of jumping in, I’m just going to…jump in.

It’s winter, and I like winter for about the space of December and part of January.  Christmas, snow days, an unhurried space to start the year out fresh.  And then I’m ready for spring.  Like, now.  But in the meantime, we are doing things like:

Dancing.  That would be Lucy, who is dancing all the time.  We got her the book “Angelina Ballerina” for her birthday, along with a ballet outfit and Mommy-and-me ballet class (so I guess I would also be dancing…?), and that book pretty much sums up her life thus far.  I cannot express the joy and adorableness of Lucy’s first ballet class.  It’s the kind of thing you hoped parenthood would be like.

Dribbling.  Henry’s face is equally excited when it is time to go to basketball class, which he also just started.  I love this for a whole different set of reasons, like how I love the sound of basketballs hitting a gym floor and bouncing off the rim (because they are not going through it!), and how Henry, who generally wants to be good at something immediately, is happily and patiently practicing dribbling and shooting and getting better before my eyes.  I’ve been looking forward to this phase.

Driving.  One of my ambitions for 2018 is to hold our schedule more loosely, to say yes to the good things and the right things more quickly instead of analyzing how long the recovery is going to be.  We got ourselves off on the right foot by deciding, with less than 24 hours, to pack up for the weekend and hit I-95 for some good friend time.  We needed to go snuggle the Kings’ new baby before he was up and walking, so we headed to Richmond to spend Friday afternoon and night with the Gambills before continuing on to Chapel Hill area.  It was the best.

We told Tilly to order pizza, so of course she made French onion soup, and our kids had a slumber party.  At Steven and Amy’s we ate BBQ and watched our kids run in the yard until it was dark and rocked that sweet little baby.

And then, after a hotel breakfast and swim in the pool, we came home.  Yes.

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