Spring Celebrations

The more time that goes by between blog entries, the more impossible it is to catch up, arg.  Which is why the busiest weeks and the, perhaps, most significant events keep falling off of here.  So here’s the rest of March in a nutshell.

Granny and Papa




Mom and Dad came out for a long week of fun and celebration.  We had such a good time.  We ventured out on a couple of adventures, spending time at the American History Museum and the U.S. Botanic Gardens (lately our favorite place to have a warm picnic on a cold day, and until recently across the street from work).  We hung out at home and played a lot.  And I found myself wondering exactly how I do normal days by myself instead of with them.  It was nice.



It was a treat to have Mom and Dad here for my birthday as well!  The nicest part of the day was when they took the kids on a long walk and left me to tea and a book.  At this point in life, some of that is really what you want for your birthday!  We had Red Robin, then Mom and Henry threw me a lovely little party with cake that they made.  Justin, George, and Lynda joined us, and all in all it was a very nice day…except that Henry is now really into asking me how old I am, and having to say over and over that I’m 37 is just a teeny bit painful…

Lucy’s Dedication




We finally got around to dedicating Lucy at church.  It is a little embarrassing when everyone congratulates you on your new…15 month old…baby…but it just took us a while to find a date when our folks could all be here!  It was really lovely.  Henry was a champ, and Lucy—who is not a fan of most men who aren’t her father—only wailed for a few moments when the pastor started down the aisle with her.  My favorite part of the dedication ceremony at our church is when the congregation sings a song to the child, but I just also appreciated the moment to acknowledge how blessed I am to be raising these kiddos with Jason and in such a great community that loves us and them so much.  It was a good day.


Plus, it was good to have so much family here–a tight squeeze in our small house, but good!  The kids were particularly thrilled to spend time with Uncle Justin.  Lucy definitely has an exception in her “men are scary” book for him!



Spring is usually one of our busiest seasons, with lots of travel, good company, and so much going on at work for me.  All that means that for the past few years, we’ve barely gotten our garden in before summer is upon us.  So we took advantage of the saner spring we’re having (for now) and started our planting last weekend.  Green onions, lettuce, kale, and carrots, all in the ground…and now the thermometer is threatening to dip down into the 20s again tomorrow…  Still, the odds of our lettuce growing instead of bolting immediately in the heat are already better…

Risen Indeed





Lastly, we had a wonderful Easter.  There were glitter eggs, Easter baskets with gardening gloves and butterfly nets, as much chocolate as little Lucy could dream of, and a super fun and delicious Easter dinner at the Pattersons’ house to close out the day.  And there was jubilant singing of resurrection songs and celebration of how we have been rescued by Christ.  I wrote a few of my Easter thoughts down at Beauty for Ashes, and I’m trying (desperately) to make writing there a habit again.  And writing here a habit again??

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