Settling In

We have officially begun the process of settling in to life as a family of four.  Mom, who has been gently holding us all together for the past two weeks, left on Monday night.  It was a rotten, gloomy day, and I cried along with the weather, but she left us in such good shape that we can’t help but succeed now (I hope!).  And at this moment things are peaceful and quiet (because Jason took Henry on an adventure to the local nature center…).



The advantage to the second baby is that we can keep reminding each other that this phase—where nights turn into days and everything is topsy-turvy—doesn’t last forever.  Someday we will sleep again.  Someday maybe even Henry will sleep through the night again.  We can be more philosophical about nights like last night, where Jason and I were each rocking a wailing child in the five o’clock hour, because the night before we all slept well and were singing with the birds in the morning.  (But at the moment, oh, so tired).



In the meantime, I am surviving on dark chocolate covered pretzels and Jane Austen.

Henry is adjusting to big brotherhood better than I expected.  Missy told me on Sunday that he walked into his Sunday school class and announced, “I have a baby sister!”  Makes me happy.  He plays his guitar for her and shares his matchbox cars (yikes!).



And Lucy.  She is so sweet.  She may have her nights and days completely mixed up right now, but she is cuddly and beautiful, and I am terribly in love with her.  The other night Jason and Henry played their guitars for us while we sat and snuggled, and it made my heart full.



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  1. Amanda
    Amanda January 17, 2015 at 11:37 pm | | Reply

    Love the update — Lucy seems so alert! Look forward to future pictures and updates. I need to get better about posting in 2015.

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