A good and hard (and good and hard) weekend

Last Monday, my Aunt RaVae passed away. She had been battling cancer for almost five years, and over the past couple of months had been waging a pretty severe war. Jason and I flew to Seattle and then drove to Grandview, Washington, to join our family there. What an incredible weekend of celebrating an awesome […]

Why Reunions Should Happen in the Winter.

Jason was chastising me for having so many good pictures on my camera that have not been blogged! I find that I have spent about every long weekend since we got married “rearranging” things in our spare room closet, in hopes that if the boxes are all just so I wil be able to fit […]

Cheering the Opening Act

Last night Jason and I tried to reclaim our youth by sitting among the junior high crowd at the David Crowder Band/Third Day concert. It was the first concert of the tour and way fun. I actually love Third Day and had wanted to see them in concert for a while, but I will admit […]

The Archives

On his way back to Ohio from his month in Florida, my brother Justin “passed by” to drop off the beach chairs we bought in Tampa, and to visit the National Archives. His previous attempts to see the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were frustrated by ongoing renovations which closed the archives for several years. […]


Playing hosts this weekend, we ambitiously scheduled a dinner party for Saturday night and a Superbowl party on Sunday evening (overly ambitious, we know). Missy invited two co-workers (Solara and April) from her office with their significant others on Saturday. I prepared a classic lasagna with crock-pot/homemade pasta sauce, Missy used the breadmaker to crank […]

It’s Raining Inside

The sound of water cascading inside the walls, and the rumble of diesel-powered trucks. That’s what Missy and I heard in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday. Turns out our neighbor on the 3rd floor (2 floors above us) fell and “broke” her toilet, then managed to lock herself out of her apartment, […]

Book Report: Why I loved “Gilead”

It can be summed up in the following paragraph: “I feel sometimes as if I were a child who opens its eyes on the world once and sees amazing things it will never know any names for and then has to close its eyes again. I know this is all mere apparition compared to what […]

Florida in January

Missy and I joined the geese in flying South for the weekend. We spent four beautiful, warm, sunny days in Clearwater, Florida — introducing Missy to my grandparents (Small), and catching up with my dad and brother. We spent two days on the gulf coast beach, soaking up rays and searching for sand dollars and […]

Snow on the Mountain

No, it is not snowing here (although it has finally cooled down to reasonable winter temperatures), nor have we become mountaineers. We had a fun, friend-filled weekend…plus, we work for the government so we got to celebrate MLK Jr. Day from the comfort of our home. Ah, long weekends. Best part of my job. Last […]