One Thousand Wedding Pictures

Quite a few people have emailed to say they are looking for wedding pictures on our blog. It turns out that we have about 1,000 pictures, thanks to the popularity of digital cameras and the wonderful people who made cds of their photos from our wedding and sent them to us. As you can imagine, it would be not even a little bit worth it to try and post even some of our many, many pictures on here, so we’ve scrapped together an online photo album, complete with wedding photos, for you to peruse. Our professional photos, fabulously done by Debbie Brown, were too large to add, so if you want to see them you have to come and visit. If you sent us pics (thank you!) you may recognize some in the album.

We’ll keep our album on the sidebar under “Places to go,” and we will try to keep the picture files updated so that you have something new to look at every now and then.

Happy Friday.

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