Ohio with a Bang

I’m finding it tough to sort through all the pictures from our action-packed week in Ohio.  Henry is overflowing with new adventures to talk about–it has been like a cycle on repeat to get through them all, like:

“More llamas, peease.”



“More fireworks with Uncle Justin.  Big ones.”



“More wahlerfalls, peease.  Throw rocks with Grandpa.”



“Horseys.  I like horseys go round and round.  ‘Gain, peease.”


“Boat on wahler.  ‘Gain.  ‘Gain-again.”



(That last one has been going on all summer, so not entirely Ohio related.)

So, in a nutshell, that is how we spent our week.  Picnicking at waterfalls, taking Henry on his first carousel  ride AND his first boat.  A morning out in a pasture with llamas.  And a spectacular fireworks show, courtesy of Justin, and incredible seats for the city’s fireworks–on the lawn at George and Lynda’s new house.  Fourth of July was perfect.



Another highlight of the week was eating Red Robin with Kaylyn and her cute baby belly.  She and Jack were all ready to meet us in Dayton at the U.S. Air Force Museum (“Airplanes?  Mo-more airplanes, please?”), but when he threw up 20 minutes into their drive, it looked like our best laid planes might go to waste.  Thankful that Ryan took the day off to hang out with Jack so that we could still hang out with Kaylyn.  I miss that girl.



And Jason and I got to go on a date.  (Also v. thankful for grandparents who like to babysit a certain crazy two year old!)  Long overdue.  Loved walking with Jason through the Kenyon College Campus at dusk while the fireflies played in the grass.