Lucy at Two Months

Dear Lucy,

It seems like we passed through some of the hard newborn stuff in your second month, and as we hit your two month birthday, we may have (knock on wood) turned the corner.  Mostly we were all sick for weeks, but now we are recovered.  You had a painful phase of crying for hours every evening until Daddy and I fell exhausted into bed after finally soothing you, but the crying jags are fewer and shorter.  And you are sleeping, and oh, that makes all the difference.


I even hate to write this, for fear that it all crumbles and falls apart, but you have basically been sleeping through the night for the past week.  I even have to wake you some mornings so that we can get our day off on a good routine.  And how I love that!  Your brother has never seen an early morning he didn’t like, and early mornings are awfully hard for this mama!  Thank you for not being a morning person.


You have really started to smile and coo, although you tend to dole out your smiles sparingly.  You are such a mama’s girl, and daddy has to work pretty hard to get grins out of you.  He usually gets his smiles in the middle of the night—as soon as he comes in to console you when you cry, you flash him a grin and a coo, like you won by making him come in!  As you cry less in the evenings, though, he’s been able to see your darling, dimply grin light up your face during the day.


It’s fun to get to know you more.  You absolutely love to be held and cuddled, especially by your mama.  You love to be sung to, and this song has become a favorite in recent days.  You love to sit and look out the window, and I look forward to spending time outside with you, if winter will ever turn into spring!  You are growing so big and filling out all your little clothes, and I’ve already had to put away some pajamas that you can no longer stretch out in.  At your two month appointment (a week late), you weighed 11 lbs 5 oz and measured 24 ¾ inches.  The doctor marveled at how social you are.  You had a growth spurt last week, and you have changed so much in the past week or so!


But your eyes are still bright blue and your hair is still red when the sunshine hits it!  We are all smitten by you sweet girl.