Lucy at Five Months

Dear Lucy,

When people say “it goes so fast,” I tend to look at them like they are crazy—the little baby phase does not go fast to me.  Until now.  Suddenly you are five months old and such a little person, and I can hardly believe that I will blink my eyes a few times and you will be sitting up, eating solid foods, and crawling!


You are still just the sweetest, most delightful baby ever.  You giggle, smile like crazy, and move all the time.  I watch you kick-kick-kicking your little legs so seriously and remember what a kicker you were when you were kicking me from the inside.  You are desperate to sit up and most happy when you are propped up in the high chair or in the Bumbo.  Or, of course, when you in someone’s arms.


This past month ushered in a couple of teeth, much to my dismay.  Timing wasn’t perfect, since you also had your first cold at the same time.  You may be sweet and delightful, but you have kind of been a disgusting mess of drool, snot, and spit-up.  We are so spoiled with your happy temperament that we felt kind of overwhelmed with crying jags, fussy spells, and nursing strikes for a few days!


Your latest trick is grabbing toys and turning them over in your hands.  (Or, it would be if you could get your hands on any toys around here…)  Grandma got you a little rattle that attaches to your wrist, and you love you just shake and shake and shake it.  You are also endlessly fascinated by your ability to grab your binky and pull it out of your mouth.  I will be amused when you have mastered putting it back in by yourself…


This morning you, Henry, and I snuggled in his bed for a while.  You were between us (a dangerous spot!), and you kept looking back and forth between us like you were absolutely delighted to be there.  We feel the same way about you.  You are still strawberry-headed and dimply and just so happy when someone is playing with you.  You are growing so fast that I need to change your clothes over yet again (sigh.  The eternal task.).  It is such a joy to have you in our little family.



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