Lucy at 10 months

Dear Lucy,

Your first birthday, my dear, is officially around the corner.  This baffles me.  Sure, the first few months of your life crawled by, but now you are crawling by, and it is not going slowly at all.  As you gobbled pad see ew off the table the other night at our favorite Thai restaurant and drank from a straw, Daddy sang, to a sad tune, “Where have all the babies gone?”  The days of your babyhood are numbered.



This has been an interesting month, Sweets.  For nine months you were defined by the words “sweet,” “calm,” and “perfect.”  Then suddenly you unleashed a brand new personality.  It’s like you’ve been living in a nice, comfy cocoon, and now without warning you have erupted as this incredibly busy butterfly.  You are vocal about your likes and dislikes.  When I come in for you in the morning (too early…), you are usually sitting up in your crib and holding onto the edge, like you are about to leap out.  I suspect that you are going to be my sneaker-wave child who quietly and while I’m not paying attention climbs the walls, unfurls the rolls of toilet paper, and goes straight for the hot stove—all things Henry never did.  And the jaws of life could not pry your mouth open if you’ve decided you don’t want to eat something.  You just smile serenely at me while I foolishly try to convince you to take one more spoonful of something.  That’s probably because you’ve basically decided that if you can’t put it in your own mouth, it’s not worth eating.



Don’t get me wrong, this new personality is still just so delightful.  You are such a laugher.  You are bubbly and friendly, and you have the cutest scrunchy-faced smile.  When I do something you want (pick you up, give you bites of my French toast, etc.), you wave your arms and squeal in delight, and I can practically hear you saying, “Yes!  You got it!”  You have finally started waving and clapping—which for a long time were indistinguishable from this excited, full-body wave.  I just love you, adorable girl.



You are definitely on the move.  (This photo shoot was difficult.)  You’ve been scooting for a while, but in recognition of your ten-month birthday you did a real, honest-to-goodness crawl.  The baby gates are securely up.  Unlike your brother, you have a lot of patience when it comes to figuring things out.  I marvel to watch you practice something over and over or explore ways to crack into the basket of books, a bag of clothes, or a box of toys.  And I know my drawer full of wash rags and towels is next.  You love balls and playing in Henry’s room and Henry himself.  In the car, you always have your head turned toward him, looking intently at him and waiting for him to say something to you.  And then you burst into laughter.  It is precious, even if I need ear plugs in the car these days.


You finally really have some hair, and I see visions of braids in our future…our far-in-the-distance future.  It is still reddish gold, and you still have that awesome dimple that makes me melt.  What a sweet girl.



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  1. Amanda
    Amanda October 27, 2015 at 11:37 pm | | Reply

    What a fabulous photo shoot– she is just darling! She looks so cute in her outfit from Aunt Amanda. And mama’s summary on ten months was just perfect.

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