Floridian Fun

May has slipped through our fingers like water.  No blogging almost always means too much going on—not an ideal combo.  But we’re on our last day of a Florida vacation, and I have a teensy moment to myself.  Lucy is taking the most overdue nap of any 17-month old, ever, and Henry went with Daddy to Walmart to buy donuts and ramen noodles (we eat large on vacation…), two of his favorite foods ever.  So here is what is going on right now.

Our vacation has been fantastic.  It’s our first one as a family of four—or, really, since we had kids.  It’s been a good week for us.  We’ve played hard with our kids and watched, to our delight, as they have finally started to play with each other.  (Can I tell you what joy that gives me?  A longed-for light at the end of this tunnel where I can never leave them alone together…)


We’ve spent most of our days moving between the pool and the splash pad not far from our room.  Henry could swim until his fingers shriveled up and disappeared.  It has been hot and mostly sunny—perfect for swimming the day away.



Monday, though, we drove to Jacksonville Beach, where we hung out with our friends Nate and Jeni and their awesome new baby (and their dog, Henry would remind me) and spent the afternoon playing in the sand and the waves.  Jax Beach is lovely.  Lucy took to the sand and the ocean like a mermaid…which meant we took turns chasing her down the beach most of the time!



And on Thursday we went to Disney World.  We hemmed and hawed about whether to do it for a long time—this was just a vacation to Orlando, not a Disney trip, and our kids are pretty young—but in the end, well, I love Disney with a deep and abiding love, so of course we went.  It was hot and crowded, and anywhere else I might have collapsed under the weight of the whining…but oh!  Such a day!  The look on Henry’s shining face as we came out of the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, the way Lucy clapped all the way through “It’s a Small World,” Henry’s arms swinging around me after we fought off the Evil Zurg on the Buzz Lightyear ride and hearing him hum “Yo, ho, yo, ho, a pirate’s life for me!” as he swaggered through Adventureland with his new pirate sword hanging from his belt…  Even Jason wanted to stay through the fireworks once they started.



My memories of our trips to Disneyland as a little girl are just so special, and I’m so glad that Henry, at least, will have some of those in his memory vault.



Now, however, we need to go home to rest and recover!  Which is tricky, since we are smack dab in the middle of gutting our kitchen (which was good motivation to get out of town for a week!).  Still, such a good way to kick off our summer.

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