Five (mostly BIG) Things for September

Aaaaand…boom.  That is me, once again, failing to blog when real things are happening.  Each of these items deserves its own blog entry, and I hate combing through lovely pictures to find just one or two (or three…or four…) of each thing.  But!  We will never get caught up if I don’t, and they will go down forgotten in our family lore.  Or something like that.





One:  Summer’s End in Idaho.  The kids and I had about the smoothest flight ever to Idaho in August, and then we proceeded to have a good, fun visit.  Henry immediately asked where his cousins were—which was always the first question I asked upon arrival at my grandparents’ house growing up!  He had such a good time with them, and it gets more and more fun to watch him play and jump right into the thick of things each time we are there.  Lucy was the sweet dolly she always is, and I loved just being with my wonderful family.  It was fun to see Shaanti’s new house, spend lots of time with Kim, and be with Jenny.  And, of course, Granny and Papa.  We came home obsessed with Wild Krats.


Two:  MCC.  I confess that I wanted a picture of Jason starting his NEW JOB with a sign that read, “First Day at the Millennium Challenge Corporation,” probably in a chalkboard font.  Knowing the reception I would get, I didn’t even bother to ask.  This picture of him being recognized for his work at the State Department is probably more appropriate, if significantly less tongue-in-cheek.  Right after Labor Day he started a new job at MCC, a government agency that does development work overseas, as Managing Director for Africa.  To learn more, I would encourage a quick visit to …or a conversation with Jason!






Three:  Justin and April!  What a joy to be there when Justin and April got married!  Their wedding was gorgeous—up in her family’s old barn and just beautiful.  It was fun to celebrate with them, and we are so, so glad to have April as part of the family.  Henry was a ring bearer, and he took his job very seriously.  It was nice to be with Jason’s family and good family friends for the weekend.



Four:  Apple Picking.  This isn’t really at all comparable to a wedding, a new job, or even a plane trip, but it was definitely worth a mention.  (Like, a mention beyond the one in a previous post…)  Delaplane, VA, is a gorgeous spot full of rolling hills, and even if certain three-year olds didn’t behave quite as we would have preferred (…), it was fun to fill our bags full of apples and think of all the ways we would use them.  Like in the most amazing apple butter ever.  And my grandma’s apple crisp, based on the recipe I found while at my mom’s house and in the perfect dish I inherited from the Farm.  And applesauce…which somehow is still on my to-do list…



Five:  Mom, Dad, and the Pope.  As previously mentioned, Mom and Dad arrived just in time to save me from taking up permanent residence under my bed.  And then suddenly everything was alright.  We decided at sort of the last minute to go down and see the Pope speak to Congress—we had tickets to the West Lawn of the Capitol, where they were showing the speech on big screens.  I was imagining 2009 inaugural chaos, but it couldn’t have gone more smoothly.  We swooped in with the big stroller just as he was beginning to speak, we saw his tiny white form waving to us from the balcony of the Capitol, and then we had a perfect fall picnic in the Bertholdi Fountain Garden across from my office building.  We were all so glad we did it.  Mom and I were laughing about our trip to Rome in 2000, when we insisted on going through the special door at the Vatican that was only open every 100 years or something…and then, after waiting in line forever, when we got there we had no idea which of the many doors it was.  (Dad was still not amused, 15 years later.)  Very cool, all around.


And that’s September.  Mike drop.

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