We had a sort of surprise day off of school today for teacher in-service (surprise to me, who randomly discovered it at the end of last week when I happened to look at the hot lunch menu).  We have spent nearly every no-school day so far this year with a long play date or adventure, but after a busy weekend, it just felt like too much to try and navigate the cherry blossom crowds at a museum today.  So we played at home and then joined Jason for lunch at his office.

When I was little, I knew there was magic at my dad’s office–in the form of always-available popsicles in the freezer and amazing carbon copy paper.  There is magic at Henry and Lucy’s dad’s office, too, although now it is because his desk moves up and down with the touch of a button (“Lucy!  You could stand under here!  Come ‘ere!”) and they can write on the walls.  Today Lucy took advantage of the huge white board in order to draw her first full family portrait.  It was awesome and beautiful, as all such first family portraits are, especially when carefully labeled by a big brother.

I love watching how differently my kids master new skills, and Lucy has surprised me at how unhappy she gets when her circles don’t turn out perfectly.  The wall-sized canvas was perfect for her little three-year old hand.  Also, can I say, it was such a relief of a day to be at home?  We are always rushing–traveling, or preparing for travel or recovering from travel, but in our normal weeks and our normal days, too, even just rushing to be home for nap time before rushing to get Henry from school.  It was delightful to just be.  It was so cold today (again), but I am starting to imagine that soon summer will be here, and I will have both my kiddos back with me and fall into our “usual” routine.  I also feel not a little relieved that we can fall back into that routine, since Henry at home is a bit more…intense…than Lucy at home.  I am glad to think I will be glad to have it all again.  For a while.

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