In my head a debate has been raging regarding this blog–will it be a breezy Small Family Newsletter, rife with weekend updates and picture-tours of our little home, or will it be more introspective, a writer’s journal to fill with the random thoughts flitting through my head during the day? I still have time to lay a foundation, as no one has yet been invited to view the blog (and I suspect Jason himself has not yet seen it, as the internet was “undergoing construction” when he tried last), though the Christmas letters with its mention should go out by the end of the week. But I have spent the morning diverted by some of your blogs and writings and have concluded that I am certainly no writer, though I like to pretend, and I should stick to family Christmas letters and constituent mail.

(btw, does it strike anyone else as odd that we use words that go with very physical things (construction, etc.) to describe something so cyber and (in my mind, anyway) theoretical? I find the idea of tearing through a website with cranes and backhoes quite amusing, but perhaps that is only because it is Wednesday morning and I am bored.)

So breezy newsletter it is. On the way to work this morning Shaanti and I swapped stories of pulling out really awful Christmas decorations bought at Walmart after Christmas when the pickings were slim and shared a resolution to spend that money this year on one nice decoration instead of fifteen plastic snowflakes that we will never, ever put up. We spent the weekend Christmassing–two parties on Saturday, then a Christmas tree and decorating the house on Sunday. If only I had cranked out some Santa-shaped cookies… Our tree, I swear, grew between picking it out at Home Depot and arriving in our living room, and we spent some time debating whether or not we actually needed a couch for the month of December. After moving it, the furniture, and ourselves 4 times and vacuuming the floor 6 times, we finally have it in place. Pictures will certainly follow.

Until then, let’s watch a subcommittee hearing on college football…


P.S. It also strikes me funny that the spellcheck on blogger doesn’t recognize the word “blog.” Okay, so I have a lame sense of humor–for the love, we are doing a Congressional hearing on college football!

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