Better and Better: A Christmas Post

I got a fancy new camera for Christmas, which is why I’m so slow to post about our time in Idaho—so, so many pictures!  Hopefully I’ve whittled it down to the best of the best.



Granny and the Minions





If you subtract Jason sleeping for six hours one day because he felt so rotten, Henry puking all over the car, and me getting the stomach flu on Christmas Eve (waaaah!), we had a perfectly fabulous Christmas.  I’m glad we were there long enough to get to enjoy our time once we had healed!






Some of my favorite parts of our celebrations included:

  • Dinner out, grownups only (plus Olivia).  Maybe we ate a little too much fried food, but the company was delightful as ever.  And, um, so awesome to be able to talk without anyone wiping ketchup on your arm.
  • Lunch with our good family friends before heading up to the cabin.  I think this is becoming a very good tradition.
  • Eating oatmeal with gelato (yes, that’s right) and sharing a pot of tea with Amanda.
  • Watching “White Christmas” with Mom while we made Olivia’s stocking.
  • Watching Henry join in with his cousins to pass out gifts on Christmas morning.  He knew every person’s name, and I love that.
  • A perfect day of whizzing down the sledding hill.
  • Reading a book for two hours by the fire.
  • A surprise retirement celebration for Dad, including charades with ideas for what he can do to fill his time (babysit his grandkids?!?).
  • Playing a rousing game of Pit with the cousins, just like old times.
  • Going to see “The Hobbit” with the fam after we got down the mountain.






Henry had such a fun Christmas.  He loved Granny’s Christmas tree, and it did my heart good to watch him play with his cousins.  His older cousins, especially Troy and Mason, were so sweet to him (and Kade was very happy to have someone else take their turn being bossed around!).  Those kids are all treasures, and it just gets better and better.

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