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It’s 9:05 a.m., and the nap time clock is running.  The bed is unmade, breakfast is all over the kitchen, and I have not had coffee yet.  But since I’ve committed to myself to keep up with the blog as I catch up, just a few small things.

A Week of Good Things

Remember when I used to blog at least once a week instead of scarcely once a month?  I’d like to change that, starting with today.  It feels like I’ve finally come up for air after a long time of trying not to drown, and it’s nice to look around and feel the sunshine!  This has […]

Spring Recap

In an upcoming post, I will tell you how this has been the first week of normalcy in months and months, how my to-do lists are finally starting to shrink instead of grow, how the weight of the world has shifted slightly from my shoulders.  And I want to tell you where we’ve been this […]

Family Dedication

It was a big weekend, what with a birthday party, Mother’s Day, and Henry’s dedication at church!  What a special time!  I love the way our church does family dedications–especially how the church sang to Henry as our pastor walked him up and down the aisle for everyone to see.  He was very serious, but […]

The Big ONE

We all headed down to the fishin’ hole for Henry’s first birthday party–almost literally, as it stopped raining about 45 minutes before the party started!  It was muggy and soggy (and I was more than a little panicky) but fun!   We had brunch and grape caterpillars and fruit pizza bar and a “Kid’s Pond” with […]

Momhood at a Year

I’ve been under no illusions that parenthood is a walk in the park.  Since Jason and I were later to the baby-having game than nearly everyone else in our lives, we’ve had a front row seat as sisters and close friends have navigated the treacherous waters between Dual Income, No Kids and parenthood in all […]

Henry at Eleven Months

Dear Henry– Most of the pictures I took of you for this month are bum-shots of you headed in the other direction.  You are mobile and loving it.  Dad and I are loving it, too–now that our 12-hour flights to and from Hawaii are behind us, we are very happy to have you crawling.  You […]

Girly Girl

Isn’t little Olivia RaVae the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen?  We are so, so excited to have her in our family!  She had a dramatic entrance yesterday morning, coming a couple weeks earlier than expected so that Kim had to be flown via helicopter to Spokane to give birth (they wanted Olivia to be born […]

Henry at Ten Months

Dear Henry, Right now Month 10 feels like a hard one, since you have been so sick for the past couple of weeks.  We have spent a lot of time reading books and cuddling and visiting the doctor…and a lot of hours in the night rocking and rocking and rocking. But when you’re well, you […]