A Week of Brave Things

In the spirit of getting out of the house more, we maybe overdid it this week.  Some balance may be in order.  But still, by the end of the week we were happier, and I felt brave.

On Monday we hit our local library story time for the first time since spring.  I can’t wait until we can walk to story time again, since it takes us longer to get ourselves in and out of the car than it does to walk there.  But we also made our first trip to Costco with Lucy (which was the real brave thing).  Henry loves Costco.  We get there for an early lunch, and my boy and I share a chicken bake, and then we shop for things like toddler socks and diapers and huge logs of goat cheese.  It is a really mommy-son date.  Although the infant carrier in the cart kind of cramps our style for now…

On Wednesday Henry spent the day with his nanny, so Lucy and I had a mommy-girly date at the fabric store.  (Henry would have been devastated to realize that he missed out on the fabric store, which he adores.  But it is terrifying to take a toddler to JoAnn’s.)  Like a crazy person, I have decided to make my own diaper bag.  Even a year ago I would have laughed in your face if you suggested I should do this, but I have done a lot of sewing in the past year and managed quilts for my kids, changing pad covers, crib skirts, and, of course, the teepee.  Perhaps a diaper bag is also possible??  Mom totally pepped up my confidence…of course, she will have to be on speed dial for the process…  We’ll see if I can get it done before Lucy is out of diapers.


Lucy and I ended our day at Starbucks, where I spent the remaining 20 minutes of my semi-freedom drinking a skinny vanilla latte and writing.  This is to be the year where I write again, and while Northern Virginia is sadly lacking in sit-down-and-stay coffee shops, even those brief 20 minutes sitting in a hard-backed chair, gazing out at the insane parking lot were glorious.


On Thursday, the kids and I headed to the office to say hello and eat burgers with some of my favorite people.  This was the bravest thing all week.  We got ourselves into the garage, figured out how to open the double stroller, and maneuvered our way through the halls of Congress.  Can I just say, I love the people I work with.  And my boss is awesome.  And the one day a week I get to spend with them, where no one is drumming or crying or asking the same question over and over and over, makes me a better mom the rest of the week.  Mike bought us Good Stuff for Valentine’s Day, everyone snuggled Lucy (wearing her adorable Idaho hat from the Grahams), and Henry could not have behaved better.  It was great.  And I was totally exhausted afterward.


By the time we went to MOPS on Friday and I bundled up Henry (soooo cold!) and then bundled up Lucy and then re-bundled Henry after he took everything off and got them in the car and got them out of the car, etc., I thought maybe some staying at home didn’t sound so bad.  But one of my friends told me that the trick to managing with multiple kids is just to persevere, and you bungle it for a while, but then one day you realize you are just doing it.  Someday…

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  1. RaChelle
    RaChelle March 7, 2015 at 11:21 pm | | Reply

    Absolutely loving all the pictures and updates of your sweet family. Brings back so many memories of those first few (many??) months with our second addition. It is hard, but you are doing it! Good work Small 🙂

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