A Midsummer’s Post

Let’s just pretend we’ve been hanging out here regularly for the past few months, like we’re totally caught up on what’s going on in each other’s lives, like there hasn’t been a long, uncertain spell of silence that leaves us drowning in self-doubt.  And you can forgive a few backdated blog posts that have been written but never…quite…posted…  And I’ll just tell you the very latest.

Lucy’s Half Birthday


Last fall we decided that, for now, at least, Lucy, whose birthday is the day after Christmas, would get a half-birthday celebration.  It seemed super ridiculous to add a slew of birthday gifts to her pile of Christmas gifts, so we gave her a little doll on her birthday and then saved anything else for June.  I had started planning a real half birthday party in my head, hoping our kitchen would be done and knowing Jason’s parents would be in town…and then, in a sign of maturity that makes me hope I may actually be a reasonable person someday, I abandoned it in the face of an unfinished kitchen for dessert at Outback and a set of cute streamers on a fabulous second-hand trike.  She loves it…although it’s hard to know whether she likes best pushing it herself or piling rocks in the little basket on the back…


Lucy at 18 months is hilarious, btw.  She knows a lot of words but mostly refuses to use them, instead just jabbering on endlessly in this stream of incomprehensible gobbldeegook…and then suddenly it washes over my ears in such a way that I can pick something out and realize that she actually said, “I threw binky on the floor.”  This from a girl who refuses to say “milk.”

One Thing after Another


I don’t know what we would have done if Jason’s parents hadn’t been willing to come hang out with our kids for three days while Jason and I power-moved ourselves back into our kitchen.  We went from complete construction zone to a week of VBS to a week of Jason traveling with only the saving grace of their visit to make it all doable.  VBS was super fun and super exhausting.  “PBS” is probably Henry’s favorite week of the year, and he especially liked picking out his outfit for “crazy shoe and sock day,” pictured here.  Lucy—not so much.  I’m not sure how long it will take before we can drop her off at the church nursery without a major sob-fest.

Fourth of July



We celebrated America’s birthday with a little baseball, donning our curly W hats and joining friends at the Nats game.  The forecasts called for major thunderstorms, massive downpours, and miserable conditions all around, but we managed to stay rain-jacket free until the ninth inning.  We had such a good time.  I feel the dawning of a new season of fun family activities…

Airplane Lovers


Jason returned from a super-short trip to Africa (Cabo Verde, to be exact) on Saturday afternoon.  We were all very, very glad to see him.  We went to this newly-discovered pizza joint near our house (best. Ever.) and he told me about catching up with our friend Krystal in Portugal on his way there.  I miss her.  I’m already looking forward to my next visit there.  Jason brought back an airplane for Lucy so that she can play along when Henry’s collection of airplanes comes out.  Like her father and brother before her, Lucy is obsessed with airplanes.

Getting Back to Normal…


We’ve are on our second week of swimming lessons right now, which makes me long for a summer day when we can sleep in, start off with a lazy breakfast, and NOT rush out the door for once.  But even so, we are, inch by inch, starting to get back to normal after a long stretch of not normal.  For me that means not only that the Sisyphean shuffle of things—from the kitchen to the dining room to the bedroom to the laundry room and back to the kitchen—is starting to slow to a trickle, but also that we are getting back to some of the “non-essentials” that we crave.  Dinner has largely consisted of things from the garden lately (and not been made in the microwave!  Or cleaned up in the bathtub!).  Henry and I (with help for the first time from an aproned Lucy) made our first batch of madeleines this week, since we now have room for a madeleine pan!!!  I am actually reading books and, every once in a while, writing something.  Henry drew a family picture today, and I featured most prominently!  (Of course, the other day he told me confidentially, “Mom, I really like playing with you, but I like playing with Daddy the best.”  We are all good with that.)

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