A Good Dose

Our Week of Brave Things ended with the bravest of all, which was taking our family of four on our first road trip—to Richmond for a meet-up with the Kings.  We like to see them this time of year, before we all get crazy-busy for spring and summer, and meeting halfway for lunch and some fun sounded like a doable plan and a nice way to spend Valentine’s Day.


We had lunch at a cute little place and then hit the Children’s Museum of Richmond, which was totally awesome.  The boys were beside themselves, and their dads were worn out from chasing them from one fun thing to another.  The girls sat on a bench and snuggled Lucy and talked and talked.  We ended the day with ice cream and a windy trip to the playground.



Such a nice day.  I needed a good dose of Amy.  Henry had a grand time with his friends.  Jason and Steven may have had a few moments between boy-chasing to catch up.  And we made it home five minutes before our big storm hit.

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  1. Shaanti
    Shaanti March 4, 2015 at 6:48 pm | | Reply

    Sad to say, I just rediscovered your blog!!! I think I totally forgot I ever had one and so thought everyone else had abandoned theirs too:-(
    LOVED seeing all these pictures and “catching up”! Love you all!!!

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