A Few Things for Lately: Mid-March Edition






It’s official:  I can run for 13 miles without stopping, even to go to the bathroom.  I had a stomach ache most of last week, and I think it was nerves.  But all that running through snow and frigid temperatures and innumerable naptimes (insert face of despair here) paid off, and after running through the streets of DC all Saturday morning, it was over.  It was great.  Sure, I felt like I’d been hit by a train for most of the afternoon, but I am so glad I did it.  Getting back into my running shoes has been a game changer for me, and I feel like I managed to accomplish something that I had thought impossible just a few months ago—training, through the winter, with little kiddos.  Good, good way to start the year.

Lucy, Walking



I’m not the only one whose been logging in the miles around here.  Lucy has taken off as a very mobile, very determined walker.  A little over a week ago she took a few steps, and she hasn’t stopped since—so, so different than her big brother!  I love watching her little head toddle around the kitchen counter, then plop as she falls on her bum, then get up again (again, so unlike Henry).  Henry does an absolutely hilarious imitation of Lucy walking.  He also, unfortunately, loves it when she gets around the various barriers and starts to scale either set of stairs in our house.  And Lucy is fearless, so she’ll climb on anything—above you can see her latest hidey-hole on the step of her high chair.  Needless to say, I can’t get anything done around here.

Wild Krats


Henry has been obsessed with the PBS show “Wild Krats” since we were in Idaho last summer.  Ob. Sessed.  So when we found out that the Krat brothers were bringing their live show to DC, we got tickets to take him.  He loved it.  Last week he told me he wished Chris and Martin could jump out of our TV like they could out of the big TV on the stage.  There are some things I don’t love about three-and-almost-four, but there are others that are absolutely priceless.



My running buddy for most of my half marathon training was Harry Potter.  It’s sort of ridiculous that I haven’t listened to the audiobooks before now, but I have been making up for it—especially since I only have each one for 21 days, and I was on the library’s waiting list for “Goblet of Fire” for three months.  So often the only thing pushing me out the door for a terrible long run in cold weather was the thought of an hour or more alone with Harry.  This, of course, means I’ve been pretty useless at trying to read any other actual book so far this year, but, predictably, I probably don’t care too much.

Kids Todegger




I have had some rough moments of motherhood in the past little while, since Henry and Lucy so often seem to mix like oil and water.  So I wanted to include these little pictures like glimmers of light at the end of this dark tunnel in which I can’t leave them alone together without Henry pushing/dragging/body-slamming Lucy or Lucy biting Henry (and, really, who can blame her??).  In just the past few days, there has been more sharing and playing together and being delighted with each other than usual, and I am very grateful for each of these moments.  They make my heart happy.