90 and Counting

Our Big Event in Idaho was the celebration of my Grandpa Johnson’s 90th birthday.  We got the whole family together for the first time in seven years and spent the weekend at the cabin.  Such a good time.


Gramps with all his grandkids and greats.

It made my heart happy to be there with everyone.  We grew up spending every Labor Day weekend together, but in the last few years it’s been really hard to make it work again.  Having everyone there made something that has felt slightly out of tune for the past few years come back into harmony.  I don’t really have the right words for it, but it was good.IMG_2599


IMG_2624One of the funny things about the weekend was watching history repeat itself–last time we got together, my cousins Kary and Joey had preschoolers and toddlers, and now we are them…and their kids are us a few years back, playing spoons and running around…and our kids are us a few years before that, catching grasshoppers to go fishing.  It was as it should be.



Kade and Henry, friends at the end.


Four-wheelin’ with Papa


We had a wonderful time celebrating Gramps, too.  He prepared a history of his life to share with us, which was so interesting, and he brought a bunch of family photo albums to peruse.  (Nothing in the world was better than reading my brother’s attempts at poetry for a school project.  Nothing.)  We each shared a memory we have with Gramps, and it felt like a warm hug was wrapping itself around us as we listened to Dad talk about hunting rabbits with him…and we all imagine Grams telling her version of the story!


We couldn’t help but miss Grams and Aunt RaVae at every turn, but even with that it was a wonderful time together.  Some games of corn hole, a few movies, and lots of sitting around and catching up, and then Gramps treated all his grandkids to Ice Cream Alley.  I have this Grandpa who prays for each of us every single day–what a gift!


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