2016 Kickoff

Hello from the other side of last year.  My 2016 resolution to blog more regularly is…not panning out…yet.  But then again, I’m trying to remember that I don’t have to accomplish everything that I want to do this year in its first two weeks…right?


So.  Since I last blogged, Jason went to Africa, then we all went to Ohio, then we frantically tried (and failed) to have a calm lead up to Christmas, then we went to Idaho and reveled in four feet of snow (while it was in the 70’s at our house!), then Lucy turned one, then we accidentally took a red eye home through, you guessed it, Denver.  And now we are sort of recovered.  Sort of.  And my kids are both asleep at the same time, which is becoming a rarer event these days.  So just to get right back into it, here are a few things for the first bit of 2016.


Big Boy Shorts:  After attempting potty training a few times in recent months and falling flat on my face each and every time, I was convinced that Henry would happily go to Kindergarten—nay, college—in diapers.  And then, suddenly, he was potty trained.  He had one success, and suddenly it was over.  Amazing.  Sure, we went through an unreal number of Skittles, left over from his rainbow third birthday party.  But I tell you, each time I fold these little super hero big boy shorts in the laundry, I want to jump up and dance.



Playing Dolls:  We’ve spent a lot of time at home over the last three weeks, playing with all the fun toys we got for Christmas.  (Well, the kids are playing with their toys.  I am manically jumping from new book to new book to new book and not really reading any of them…)  Matchbox car hauler.  Kinetic sand.  Magnforms.  Light sabers.  Puzzles.  But we keep coming back to the baby dolls.  Lucy knew exactly what to do with the doll bottles Henry got her for Christmas.  And, of course, so did Henry, so now he and Daddy sit together and feed their babies while I’m at Bible study.  If only he would provide such loving, tender care for his little sister instead of sitting on her fingers and squishing her toes…


Short Timing:  I am two weeks away from hanging up my high-heels and congressional ID badge for the foreseeable future.  After 14 years on the Hill and nine years with my boss, that seems crazy and surreal, and I can’t quite believe I am actually doing it.  It is absolutely the right thing, but the extrication process is quite painful.  More to come on that, I’m sure.


Running:  Like a crazy person, I decided to run my first half-marathon in March.  Do you know that last year in March it was still snowing?!  Insane.  But most of my work people are training together, so it is my way to insinuate myself into their lives for a little longer.  I suspect I will be heartily regretting it when I have to run eight miles during a February snow storm, but so far it has kind of changed my life.  Finally getting back at it after having my baby?  Check.  People to run with?  Check.  An excuse to by warm running clothes and then wear them all day?  Check check.



Applesauce:  Things have been sort of…transitiony…around here for the past twelve-month, what with becoming a family of four, figuring out how to be a mom to two kids at once (I so haven’t figured this out yet, btw), all the job drama for both of us.  But now it is January, and while there are lots of things I detest about January, I love the space for small, sweet things to blossom.  Last night, for example, Jason and I spent the evening watching hockey, reading, drinking tea, etc.  I swear we haven’t done for a year.  And on Tuesday Henry and I dug out all the old apples in the fridge and made some applesauce.  It really isn’t very good, but both kids sucked it up, and I love this picture.  What I really want for 2016 is more space for small things to matter.

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